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All driving schools are not created the same!  Learn to drive from one of the best all-around motorcycle and car driving instructors in the country. Michael Pettiford, owner of GO 4 IT Services, has trained thousands of students to drive cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, RVs, and ATVs.  If you need a basic driving class to get your drivers license, all the way up to your SCCA or MRA Roadracing License, driving instructor Michael Pettiford is the person to go to. Nobody has more divisional national championships in SCCA history - 42!

In 1985, Michael Pettiford started GO 4 IT Services, Inc., because he was not satisfied with the quality of the programs available through regular schools. Our mission is to be the best in quality private instruction for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. GO 4 IT Services takes safety and performance to a higher standard, and teaches the techniques that the top drivers in the nation are doing. This driving school teaches people the sequence, step by step, that allows them to be better prepared for emergencies, and to avoid all accidents. Over the years, Michael has been successful at racing cars, motorcycles, trucks, and ATVs, and has designed a program governed by the laws of physics, not merely what is required by law as a minimum standard.

GO 4 IT Services offers the following programs:

SuperSafety Street Courses:

Learn to drive using the four types of braking, three configurations of steering, advanced awareness techniques, and the seven elements of SuperSafety that can help you minimize your risk on the road. This qualifies as the behind the wheel training necessary to get your drivers license. This class can be tailored for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs.

State Certified Testing:

This is the road test that allows you to get your drivers license or motorcycle endorsement. GO 4 IT Services has licensed hundreds of drivers over the past 30+ years.

SuperSafety Track Courses:

This course allows you to become more familiar with the acceleration, braking, slide control, and cornering limits of your vehicle without the competition element, so that in an emergency you will be better prepared to avoid all accidents. 1/2 day - 11 day car and motorcycle driving classes available. You can use your vehicle or rent one of ours.

Road Racing Courses:

Learn the best ways to be a competitive road racer in a short period of time. We are a SCCA Regional and National Roadracing License Issuing School. Circuit of the Americas - 2 wins in 2013!The Courses are also approved by NASA, RMVR, and MRA. 1 day-11 day Car and Motorcycle. You can use your vehicle or rent one of ours. We now also offer drifting instruction!

Some of the subjects we will cover are: race day procedures, starts, flags, passing, racing strategy, cornering lines, proper hand positioning, eye targeting, and heal and toeing.

SuperSafety Seminars:

A wide variety of topics are available for your Club, Group, or Business.  Learn the seven elements of SuperSafety so you can be better prepared to avoid all accidents. Great for companies with truck fleets and those that provide company cars.  Learn some of the techniques that allow the top drivers in the country to drive without ever having an accident!

Corporate Events:

Having an activity on the track will be one of the most exciting activities for your small, medium, or large group. Only your imagination limits how the event is structured. Can be done at any track in Colorado using our cars. 

More exciting than a ropes course or golfing! Great for team building and entertaining corporate clients. Even use it as an end of year party for your employees.

Pricing varies by size of group, track location, and cars selected to drive.

Our New Sponsor - Emich Automotive - Emich Chevrolet and Emich Volkswagen:
New GO 4 IT Sponsor- Emich Automotive

Our New Garage:

GO 4 IT Garage

Our Newest School Vehicle - 2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 - 650 HP:

2016 Chevy Corvette Z06

Central City Hill Climb - PIT Rally:

Michael Pettiford wins the 2nd annual 2015 Central City Hill Climb!
See the video of the winning run:

PIT Rally Winner
Michael Pettiford won the first-ever Central City Hill Climb!
Michael was also the chief safety officer for the event.  

Race Car Rides:

Laps at speed with a professional driver, on the racetrack. See the speed, feel the excitement!  Call or email for details. Only $200 per person.

Our Students:

Ethan is one of our younger students who shows some real promise for the future!

Ethan 1      

We can teach you in ANY type of car or motorcycle!

Porsche GT1
Motorcycle Training and Racing Licenses